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 LZ 76 Meters Blade Run Successfully
TO: 2019-07-29     

On June 25, the LZ76-3.X/4.X blade independently developed by zhongfu lianzhong was successfully put into operation at wind farm in urumqi, xinjiang. The blade is matched with the GW155-4.XMW wind turbine generator.

In order to cooperate with the development of GW155-4.XMW units and meet the needs of weight reduction, load reduction and cost reduction of blades, zhongfu lianzhong innovatively adopts the new structures of PS surface carbon fiber main beam and SS surface glass fiber main beam, giving full play to the material advantages of carbon fiber and glass fiber, and improving the cost-effectiveness of blades. The blade can be compatible with 3MW~4MW platforms at the same time, and it is the largest diameter wind wheel blade of 3.XMW platform in China.

The blade has passed the international certification of TUV-Nord IEC61400 and TUV-Nord for blade design. It has passed the full-size static load test, and the fatigue test is expected to end in September 2019.