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As the leading professional blade manufacturer in domestic, Lianzhong Composites and Shanghai Electric Group strategic cooperation signing ceremony held in Shanghai on August 11. Both sides follow the principle of "mutual benefit, equality and honesty, ", and deepen cooperation in the field in validation and implementation of new technologies, new processes and new materials of the blade development, blade all-weather monitoring, lightning protection, anti-icing and sectional blade and blade test validation.


On the signing ceremony, Jin Xiaolong President introduces the change of cooperation ways and the mode of technical introduction  between  Shanghai Electric Group and Siemens. The CEO Thomas Meier also expressed the will of the long-term cooperation with Lianzhong Composites. Qiao Guanghui , general manager of Lianzhong Composites congratulates Shanghai Electric upgraded to Shanghai Electric Group, and appreciates Shanghai Electric Group for the long-term trust towards Lianzhong Composites.
The signing of strategic cooperation agreement kicked off Lianzhong Composites and Shanghai Electric Group complementary advantages, and promotes common development. Through the deep cooperation, both sides learn management experience and management pattern from  each other and improve technical level and product quality, which will lay a solid foundation for the long-term development in the field of domestic wind power between Lianzhong Composites and  Shanghai Electric Group.